Pastoral Groups and Activities




  • Pastoral Council
  • Rosary Group –preceding daily mass
  • Eucharistic Adoration – Wednesdays from 10am-7pm
  • Parish Choir
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Our Lady of Knock Prayer Group – St. Michael’s Church – Fridays at 8pm
  • Corpus Christi Parade
  • St. Patricks Day Parade



  • Fiona

    Do u have a service on Christmas Eve?

  • Laura McDermott

    Hello Fiona,

    Yes there is a service in St. Michael’s Church Foxford on Christmas Eve, it was on at 9pm. There will be two masses on in St. Michael’s Church on Christmas Day at 10.00am and 11.30am. All mass times can be found in the Parish Newsletter online.

    Thank you for your message.

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