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Proposed New Parish Centre (Old Parochial House)

This letter was sent out to parishioners in June 2018…

Dear Parishioner/Friend,

                                     This letter is to let you know in more detail the proposals/plans we have discussed for the Old Parochial House. The house was built around the same time as the Parish Church, towards the end of the 19th Century. The last P.P. to reside there was Canon Gerard Hannan, who died in 1987. As you can imagine the house, particularly its internal rooms, has fallen into disrepair over the years. Perhaps this is the time for our community to repair it and turn it into a parish centre for our parish community. Not only will there be an immediate benefit but we foresee its greater importance in the years ahead. As the number of priests in our diocese will reduce greatly in the next ten years, Foxford is in a central position to cater for the needs of our Cluster of parishes, with an office and a permanent lay secretary. While other ideas are still welcome the current plan for the house is to have:

Ground Floor:

    • Large Meeting Room; which could also be used as our Adoration room each       Wednesday.
  • Parish office with Computer, Photocopier etc.
  • Large Safe containing Parish Records e.g.Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths
  • Kitchenette, Utility Room, Toilets


  • Room fitted with bookshelves
  • Room containing parish history, archives etc.
  • Storage place for items used at Christmas, Easter, Corpus Christi etc

Also it is planned to improve the immediate grounds around the Church i.e. repairing/replacing the tarmac which has perished in many places and has made the surface uneven. The cost of developing the Parish Centre is estimated to be €200,000 (approx). Due to savings from your contributions each year and some donations, already received, we have about half that amount set aside. Our Committee suggests that we invite each of our householders to contribute €10 per month (or an amount which can be afforded). We believe that in two years we would meet the cost of the Parish Centre and the grounds. To this effect, a box of twelve envelopes (one for each month) will be offered to each of our parish/community contributors beginning in July. We also hope that people from Foxford, but living away, would wish to support this initiative.

A special Bank Account in AIB, Swinford, has been opened and people can contribute directly if they wish. The Account name is: St Michaels Foxford Parish Centre and the details:

Sort Code: 93 72 66 and No: 00641300

IBAN: IE30AIBK 93726600641300   BIC: AIBKIE2D

Many thanks

God’s Blessings,

Fr. Padraig Costello