Attending Public Worship at St. Michael’s Church, Foxford.

Covid 19: The latest guidelines from the Government say that Religious services can have full capacity but also adds that social distancing should stay in place. Also that face masks must be used indoors.
The Parish Pastoral Council met during the week and after much consideration felt that in order to keep everyone as safe as possible the present protocols should be kept in place, including keeping every second seat cordoned off as at present. I was also asked, through the Newsletter and by announcement, to remind all our parishioners of those protocols:

  1. Please sanitize hands when entering and leaving the church.
  2. Wear face covering when in the church.
  3. Keep safe distance at all times; a reminder that when approaching for Holy Communion to come in single file and keep the two metre distance unless from the same household.
  4. Keep doors open to ensure adequate ventilation.

At the Parish Pastoral Council meeting during the week it was decided that Mass will resume in Toomore and Attymachugh churches on the 5th and 6th March, the first weekend of Lent. It has been a difficult two years but thanks to all of you for following all the safety protocols. We are especially indebted to our Stewards and Cleaners (Sanitizers!) for their wonderful work. With numbers of cases still high everyone needs to continue to be as careful as possible in protecting ourselves and others.

Fr Padraig