Re-Opening of St. Michael’s Church for Public Mass

Important Notice: As St. Michael`s church reopens for the celebration of Mass it is essential that you book, in advance, through the parish office, the Mass you wish to attend. i.e. Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday or Friday. Numbers limited to 40 because of the social (physical) distance rule.

We hope to reopen St. Michaels church for public Mass this weekend. This is a special time for our Parish/Community. Our last weekend Mass together was on 7/8th March. Gathering for Mass is such an important part of celebrating our faith and receiving the nourishment we need in following the way of Jesus Christ. It was good to be able to have Mass on the radio and on the Internet but being together in church is so important.

In line with Government and Church guidelines our Parish Pastoral Council has formulated a team, tasked with reopening the church for public worship. Safety for everyone is essential. It will be a different experience attending Mass from what you have been used to. We appeal for patience and please at all times follow the guidance of the Stewards. We wish to make things as easy and as safe as possible for everyone. We pray that things will improve over the coming months.

  • Firstly, as mentioned last week we are opening St. Michael`s, at the moment, because of the small numbers allowed. With the present social distancing measures in place we can accommodate 40 people in the church. With a family coming together, that number can increase a little. It is essential that you book in advance through the parish office. (phone numbers at the end of this note.)
  • Entry to the church is only through the main door. All doors will be used for exiting. You will be met by a Steward who will take you to a seat.  For the moment you will not be able to automatically go to your usual seat! Please sanatize your hands as you enter.  In recent days there is a strong recommendation that, if possible, you should wear a mask.
  • The basket will not be passed around for the Offertory collection. A box will be available at the entrance or exit and you can drop in your contribution.
  • In approaching for the reception of Holy Communion, please follow the guidance of the Stewards. Physical(social) distance must be observed at all times. Holy Communion may only be received on the hand.
  • At the end of Mass the Stewards will guide you as you leave the church (unless you wish to remain a little longer for private prayer). Social distance needs to be maintained at all times (as far as possible) both inside and outside the church.
  • If you take a Newsletter you must bring it home with you.
  • If anyone requires assistance, e.g. wheelchairs etc. a Steward will be available to help.
  • In the interests of one’s own, and others safety, anyone with flu-like symptoms should not attend. Please follow correct respiratory etiquette – cover your face while sneezing or coughing.

The church has to be cleaned and sanitised after each Mass. I am very grateful to the people who have volunteered to act as Cleaners and Stewards. Otherwise we would not be able to open.

 Four Masses, open to the public, will be held in St. Michael’s church each week – Saturday: 7.30. p.m., Sunday: 11.00 a.m., Wednesday: 7.00 p.m. and Friday: 10.00 a.m. Mass will take place as usual on the other three days, but behind closed doors. The reason for this is the burden it would put on our volunteer church cleaners. Attymachugh and Toomore, unfortunately, are not being used at the moment because of the spacing guidelines, but hopefully that will change.

You should phone the Parish Office or my mobile number to say which Mass you wish to attend. It is hoped that over the space of a few weeks everyone will get an opportunity to attend on Saturday evening or Sunday morning if they so wish. Please book by phoning (9256131 or 0872422273), Thanking you, and, with God’s help, looking forward to having you all back in church before too long.

    Fr. Padraig.

St Michael's Church, Foxford

St Michael’s Church Foxford

You are welcome to the Website of Foxford Parish. Located in Co. Mayo, Foxford is a parish of the Diocese of Achonry.  There are three Church areas in the parish.

Foxford (traditionally known as Toomore) is situated in east Mayo. The parish boundary on the west is the river Moy which separates the parish from the diocese of Killala. There are three churches in the parish. On the north side, tucked into the Ox Mountains is the church at Attymachugh, which originally was a primary school. On the east side bordering the parish of Swinford, is the church of the Assumption in Toomore.

The parish church in Foxford was built in 1879. In 1961- 62 major renovations were carried out on the church, and on 27th. September 1962, Bishop James Fergus re-dedicated the church to St. Michael, the Archangel. The parish is also home to the beautiful Convent Chapel which was built by the Sisters of Charity in 1925. The Foxford Woollen Mills, founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1892, is still in operation and attracts many visitors throughout the year. Foxford also has an Addiction Treatment Centre, appropriately called ‘Hope House’.